The Soviet and Modern Painting Collection

         The collection of painting of the 20th century numbers about two thousand works of domestic artists of the 1910s – 2000s and has in its structure the following sections:

1. The Moscow School of Painting of the 1910s – 1990s.
2. The Leningrad School of Painting of the 1910s – 1990s.
3. Art of Autonomous Republics and Republics of the USSR.
4. The Siberian Art.
5. The Art of Omsk of the 1910s – 1990s.

         The first arrivals of works of domestic art of the 20th century came from the Moscow and Leningrad branches of the State Museum Fund in 1925 and 1927 (A. Arkhipov, N. Krymov, P. Mansurov, S. Nagubnikov).

         In 1932 the museum received works of painting by artists of Moscow and Leningrad from a collection of the Omsk Artistic - Pedagogical School, including landscapes by A. Rylov, A. Tyulkin, and V. Fedorovich.
         The collection of painting reflects prominent features of development of the Soviet fine arts. Rare examples of the avant-garde art of the 1910s are “Suprematist Composition” by P. Mansurov and “Suprematist Composition” by the unknown artist.

         Impressive by its searches and achievements the period of art of the 1920s includes works by A.Arkhipov, A. Lentulov, A. Osmerkin, N. Krymov, P. Konchalovsky, A. Rylov, G. Ryazhsky, A. Samohvalov, P. Sokolov-Skalya, E. Cheptsov, N. Tchernyshev, M. Yakovlev.

         In the 1930s appeared landscapes by N. Simonovich-Efimova, V. Kraynev, monumental portraits of the foremost people in industry created by S. Dymshyts-Tolstaya, still-lives by M. Granavtseva, E. Korovay, A. Romm, portraits of contemporaries by V. Lebedev and A. Lebedev-Shuisky, P. Williams's monumental composition “October Days,” etc.
         The art heritage of the forties in the Omsk M.A. Vrubel Regional Museum of Fine Arts collection includes works of painting basically by the Moscow artists: L. Aronov, N. Glushchenko, A. Nyurenberg, B. Vasiliev (Sukhodolsky), V. Meshkov, N. Denisov, B. Nemensky, P. Krylov and M. Kupriyanov, who were members of a group of authors Kukryniksy, N. Romadin, N. Shifrin.
         A section of the Moscow school of painting is represented sufficiently completely: the 1950s - portraits by V. Ezdakov, V. Efanov, genre compositions by K. Maksimov, Е. Samsonov, V. Nechitaylo and B. Yakovlev; the 1960s - landscapes by E. Zverkov, V. Ivanov, Y. Kugach, V. Stozharov, V. Sidorov, portraits and genre works by P. Ossovsky, V. Popkov, V. Igoshev, Y. Pimenov, F. Reshetnikov; the 1970s - compositions and landscapes by E. Bragovsky, V. Braynin, O. Bulgakova, V. Gavrilov, N. Nesterova, A.Sitnikov, I. Starzhenetskaya.

         The Art of Leningrad of the 1960s – 1970s is represented by quite a number of outstanding names - E. Moiseenko, A. Mylnikov, V. Vatenin, G. Egoshin, R. Yermolin, R. Karklin, Y. Krestovsky, A. Levitin, G. Pesis, V. Tokarev, N. Timkov, Y. Tulin, V. Tyulenev, and B. Ugarov.

         The history of the Siberian art is reflected in canvases of the artists of different generations who worked in various genres: N. Chevalkov, N. Smolin, V. Rogal, T. Ryannel, B. Ryauzov, A. Pozdeev, A. Kostovsky, I. Nasedkin. G. Novikov, N. Rybakov.

         A special section is made of the works by masters of republics of the Soviet Union: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia, in part bought in artists’ studios, and the basic part arrived from the Ministry of Culture of the USSR during the 1950s -1990s.

         The art of Armenia is represented the most fully. It includes classics of the Armenian art - M. Saryan and E. Kochar, recognized painters M. Aslamazyan, D. Nalbandyan, L. Bazhbeuk-Melikyan, F. Mirzoyan, R. Atoyan, A. Papikyan, etc.

         The national originality of the Georgian painting appears in canvases by V. Margiani and R. Tordia. Among masters of the Central Asia we find names of the Turkmen artists: H. Hushvahtov, V. Boborykin, Z. Habibullaev, A. Haydarov, the Uzbek masters - N. Kashina and U. Tansykbaev.

         Among the works of the Latvian artists - genre compositions, portraits and still-lives by masters of several generations: M. Golts, I. Zarin, J. Anmanis, D. Simsone, by the author of the project of the national currency of Latvia J. Strupulis.

         Landscape painting of Ukraine and Belarus is represented by names of the honored masters such as F. Zakharova, and also V. Byalynitsky-Biruli and V. Tsvirko.

         The section of the art of Omsk is most significant in the numerical relation. There are concentrated canvases by the painters who lived and worked in our city. Among them are representatives of the avant-garde and realistic directions in the art of the 1920s - V. Ufimtsev, S. Feldman and I. Volkov, masters of the realistic painting of the senior generation - K. Belov and A. Liberov, K. Shchekotov, V. Volkov, artists of the sixties N. Bryukhanov, N. Tretyakov, G. Shtabnov, V. Kukuytsev and many other masters who have made a bright picture of the Omsk painting.