Sculpture Collection

         The collection of sculpture of the Omsk M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest in Siberia and numbers near 300 units of storage. Its basis was made of the works by Russian and European sculptors of the 18th - beginning of the 20th centuries. Works arrived in the 1920s from the State Museum Fund formed from collections of the Academy of Arts museum, from Winter, Marble, and Yusupov palaces and from other collections.

         The number of best sculptures which have arrived to Omsk included works by domestic sculptors: Nestor the Chronicler by M.M. Antakolsky, Peter the First in an Armchair by A.M. Opekushin, A Mare with a Foal by P.K. Klodt, Trick Riding of the Lezghins by E.A. Lancere, Medallions Dedicated to the War of 1812 by F.P. Tolstoy all of them reflected pages of history and life of Russia, stated with love and unsurpassed art skills.

         The West-European sculpture is represented by a working model of the statue Blessed Ludovica Albertoni by the outstanding master of Italian baroque L. Bernini, by a work of the great Danish sculptor B. Tovaldsen Hebe, by E. Santarelli's statue Kneeling Girl, amazing the spectator by the craftsmanship of marble working.

         The author of The Copper Horseman E. Falconet is represented by a work Bather, he, as well as his other compatriots: A. Mercies (David), A. Bushes (Run), I. Moulin (Dancing Young Man with a Shovel), L. Steiner (Dancer) - has reproduced in his creation beauty of a human body, having embodied it in bronze in the best traditions of the European art.

         In the second half of the 20th century geographical, time and stylistic frameworks of collection of sculpture have extended. It was enriched with works by the Soviet masters who have devoted their creative works to praise the talent and labor enthusiasm of the Soviet man. Among the works distinguished by expressive plasticity and fine psychological insight of the characters are: Marina Tsvetaeva by P.I. Bondarenko, Beautiful Girl by M.M. Voskresenskaya, At the Construction Site by Y.L. Chernov, Maresiev by K.O. Komov, Womans Portrait by S.I. Nursapaev, E. Vesnik by V.E. Tsigal, A.S. Pushkin by T.M. Sokolova, Naked by A.P. Semynin, Poets of Russia by A.A. Bichukov, L. Vladimirov's Portrait by E.Y. Radauskaite, Gracia Narsesyan by .. Shiraz, Portrait of A.F. Gedike by S.D. Lebedeva.

         A section of the Soviet art was replenished with works of two generations of the talented Omsk sculptors who have reflected in their creations unique features of life in our region and shown impressive images of their fellow-countrymen: Portrait of the Hero of Socialist Labor I.F. Regida by A.A. Tsymbal, Eternity by V.A. Trohimchuk, Portrait of the Engine Plant Worker V.M. Sadchikov by N.A. Babaeva, Self-portrait by S.V. Noryshev, Portrait of the Hero of the Soviet Union V.A. Goloskokov by B.F. Lorentsov, Working Woman by Y.A. Ovchinnikov, Time by V.I. Kostenko, Reading by V.A. Pogodin, Vagrant Actor by A.N. Kapralov.

         A significant event in a life of museum became addition to its collection of a M.A. Vrubel's plaster casting Robert and Nuns, which original is in an exposition of the State Tretyakov Gallery.