Icons Collection





         The Icon-Painting Collection of the Omsk Regional M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts numbers 177 pictorial works and 116 units of copper-cast cult plastics. Its chronological frameworks cover the period of the 16th - beginning of the 21st centuries. Eighty percent of icons collection belongs to the 19th century. The collection covers icon-painting centers of Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Palekh, Mstera, however, works of the Urals and Siberian style of painting prevail.
         The first icons which arrived to the museum in the 1920s from the State Museum Fund make a historical nucleus of a collection, are the earliest and most significant works of the section. To them belong: All Saints Sunday of the Moscow school of the 16th century, The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, executed in workshops of the Armory in the 17th century, The Paternity of the 17th century. The Royal Doors of the 17th century of the Novgorod school serve as a unique example of the icon-painting art.
         Systematic formation of the icons collection began from the beginning of the 1970s and was based, mainly, on the purchases of works from inhabitants of Omsk, donations, and also due to the scientific expeditions organized by museum in the 1970s across the Siberian region with the purpose of search of icons and church use objects. As a result of the first expeditions the collection has replenished with such monuments as The Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Of the Seven Lakes" of the 19th century, The Mother of God of Joy to All Sorrows of the 19th century.
         In 1982 and 1984 more than 20 works were transferred to museum from the All-Union E.V. Vuchetich Industrial - Artistic complex. The museum becomes the owner of the late icon-painting examples: The Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem (19th century), The Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Palekh, 19th century), The Mother of God of Three Joys (19th century), The Transfiguration of Christ (19th century), Prophet Daniel (19th century), The Fiery Ascent of the Prophet Elijah (19th century), etc.
         More than 30 works have been transferred by orders of the Ministry of Culture. In 1984 27 icons arrived as a gift from Museums of the Moscow Kremlin: The Falling Asleep of the Mother of God (19th century), The Nativity of Christ (19th century), The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (19th century), St. George the Victory-bearer (19th century), The Meeting of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple (19th century), etc. To historically significant examples belong the icon - parsuna The Sainted Dimitry, Bishop of Rostov of the 18th century, being one of valuable exhibits of the museum collection not only by virtue of the art advantages, but also as the authentic image of the real historical person - Dimitry of Rostov, outstanding dignitary of church, occupying one the first places in Siberian Paterikon.
         Transfer of several works of art took place in 1993 from the State Hermitage, among them were Saint Antipa, Bishop of Pergamum (19th century), Saints Florus and Laurus (19th century), The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God (1806).
         The collection permits to get acquainted with the works created in the Urals and in Siberia. Among them are Saints John Chrysostom, Archangel Michael, Metrophanes of Voronezh (Tobolsk, 19th century), The Savior (Siberia, 18th century), Saints Blasius and Modestus (Siberia, 19th century), Simeon of Verkhotursk (Ural, XIX century). To the icons having the historical importance, it is necessary to attribute especially honored Siberian relic The Abalakskaya Icon of the Mother of God (Siberia, 19th century). In 1990 the museum collection enters the only signed icon The Archistratigus Michael which was created in Omsk in 1904 in a workshop of icon painter M.S. Kubrin.
         In 2000 was bought the first icon by the modern author, the Omsk icon painter G.A. Adaev The Igorevskaya Icon of the Mother of God, and then also painted him Regal Martyrs, Omsk Martyrs: Silvester, Archbishop of Omsk, Presbyterial Elders Michael and John, the Akhtyrskaya-Achairskaya Icon of the Mother of God.