Documents Collection





         The department is formed in August, 2001.
         Its creation is caused by a task of representation in a single place not only works of art, but also documentary illustratrations of their creation (as the similar material for a long time was gathered by the museum employees during their scientific researches); issues of coordination of activity of the museum departmental archive.

         Formation of the documents fund has been caused by aspiration to reflect in the collection and exposition of the museum not only aesthetic, but also fully informative idea of the fine arts of our region is sated.

         In formation of the department was used the working experience of the department of manuscripts and departmental archive of the State Russian Museum, department of manuscripts and documentary fund of the State Hermitage, and also departments of manuscripts of the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State A.S. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

         The structure of the department has two divisions:
         1. The museum departmental archive. The archive exists from the moment of transformation of the Art Department of the Omsk Museum of Local History into the independent Museum of Fine Arts, i.e. since 1940. Till 1966 the proceedings formed in the process of the museum activity were under the authority of a bookkeeper, and then later were handed for storage to specially appointed employee. In 2001 the archive was reorganized by the decision of the Academic council of the museum and was included in the Department of Documentary Fund and Departmental Archive. The earliest documents are dated to 1924. The first document indicative of the arrival of collections of the opened on December 21, 1924 picture gallery of the Western - Siberian Museum of Local History is dated to October 1, 1924. Archive includes the proceedings finished by office-work formed in result of activity of structural divisions of the museum in accordance with the nomenclature; the scientific - reference data revealing structure and contents of proceedings, and also collection of photographs and collection of slides with images of the museum objects. Documents are part of the Archival Fund of the Russian Federation and are kept in the museum constantly, or till the moment of their transfer to the State Archive of the Omsk Region (according to the nomenclature plan).

         2. The museum collection of documents. It is formed in August, 2001. The first arrivals: the valuable documentary materials used by museum employees during their scientific activity, and also personal archives of the Omsk artists handed over to the museum as a gift. The collection is included in structure of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation, at the moment numbers more than 3,5 thousand units of storage. It is meant for keeping and popularizing documentary evidences of the fine arts history (first of all, of the Western Siberia region.)

         Thematic structure of the collection:
        - Materials on the museum history;
        - Materials on the history of the art organizations, associations and educational institutions;
        - Personal memorial archives of the Omsk artists;
        - The collection of the art photographs.

         The fund subject structure of also is diverse. Here are kept written objects (manuscripts, typewriting, documents on typographical printed forms, booklets and others), and material objects (painter's cases, palettes, brushes, spatulas, badges and medals, spectacles, the self-made camera and others), and illustrative objects (photos and negatives, slides, drawings and sketches, audio and video recordings.)

         The largest simultaneous arrivals are personal memorial archives of the Omsk artists, for example, T.P. Kozlov, N.Y. Tretyakov, V.N. Belov, A.B. Sapozhnikov, N.A. Kuzmin, V.V. Kukuytsev, etc. Each of such archives contains more than 100 units of storage. Also significant are the archive of museum history, photo, audio, and video archives, archive of a history of the Omsk M.A. Vrubel Artistic - Industrial Technical School and archive of the Omsk Organization of the Union of Artists of Russia.

         It is planned that the documentary fund becomes also a starting point in becoming of the future independent collections, in particular, art photography, drawing, photo and video data, manuscripts, numismatics, computer graphics, etc.